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Osnabrück, Germany

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Located in the North-West of Germany, the region of Osnabrück provides excellent conditions to become a “winner”-Region” along the “Energiewende” in Germany. Renewable energy production, energy efficiency and an overall sustainable economy have already become an important part of the 358,789 (2015) residents’ every-day decision-making. More than 8.000 renewable energy plants are located all over the area. The region combines the strength of a rural landscape with a plentitude of natural resources with a robust economy and modern agriculture.

Renewable energy and energy efficiency also represent long-term strategies for sustainable development, climate protection and regional value creation. Latest findings show that Osnabrück Region has the potential to become 100% renewable and to save up to 88% of today’s emissions. The target of 100% renewable energy dates back to 2010 and has been part of municipal policy-making since then. After 2010 more and more projects were established; currently more than 50 different projects, planning or research endeavors are conducted and coordinated at the local “Energy and Climate Protection Department“.

Many activities are targeting private households and the building sector. One of the most important and current topics is the repowering of wind energy. New developing areas have been laid down in 2013 as a result of renewable energy policy. Energy and climate policies are well integrated within political parties and usually subject to overall agreement. In 2012 Region Osnabrück was recognized as a member of the national „Masterplan Program“. This group composed of 19 cutting edge municipalities is supported by the German government to maintain and improve its efforts and become a role model for other regions – not only in Germany.

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Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

General Details

Timeline: 100% Renewable Electricity by 2030 and 100% Renewable Heat by 2050
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Status Quo

Percentage of RE in the total energy consumption:
82% of total Electricity consumption from RE (mainly Solar and Wind) and 22% RE of total Heating consumption from RE (mainly Biomass)
Value of all economic activities (GDP or equivalent ):
7.123 Million EURO (2012)

Project Features

Scope of engagement
yes Local/regional
Quality of the objectives
yes Intermediate objectives
Binding effect of the objectives
No information
Energy savings objective
yes Energy Efficiency Target